Ohio’s Country Journal

MidFebruary 2013

Ohio State Demonstrates Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection and Whole Farm Sustainability: Pasture Improvements

July 2011

     EPA grant allows OSU farm to get conservation makeover

MidJune 2011

      Ohio State’s Columbus dairy farm has transitioned to all Jerseys

August 2010

      Digester That Turns Manure into Methane Demonstrated at Farm Science Review

July 2010

      Ohio EPA Awards Nearly $200,000 for Sustainability Efforts on OSU Farm/Research   Facility


Ohio Farmer Magazine

June 2011

     Digester fits a small farm’s budget, page 3

July 2011

     Double Ditching, cover story

November 2010

     Waterman farm to display BMPs


Farm and Dairy

July 13, 2010

     Waterman property being transformed into conservation lab


On Sustainability, The Ohio State University

October 2010

     Dairy Farm Becomes Model for On-Farm Sustainability


NBC4i, Columbus

July 2010

OSU Research Awarded Nearly $200K Farm Grant